Alem was born in Bosnia, however became a refugee during the civil war and migrated to Germany in 1994 where he had to learn a new language and culture. Just at the time he and his family had started to find their feet unfortunately their refugee status was not renewed. He then migrated to Perth Australia in 2000, and had to learn a new language again and start a new beginning for a second time. Not being able to speak English well made it hard to find a decent job. After completing some intensive language classes, he was able to gain employment at a kebab shop. It was hard work and long hours to earn $80/day, but Alem appreciated that it was better than having no job.

Alem always understood the value of right contacts & relationships so he invested allot of his time nurturing and growing these. It was a perfect spot to meet new people. Alem was determined to make something out of himself but was limited to the jobs he could have in the early years. Working two or three different jobs at all times while always on a search for the one thing which would get him to the next level. Some of the jobs he had: Club bouncer, Taxi driver, labourer to name few.

“Being able to interview the manager rather than other way around is priceless”

Alem Velagic

"Internet has allowed us to access information on any subject within seconds. Not using this to our advantage is pure madness!"

Alem Velagic


After joining one of the most well-known Multi-Level Marketing companies Alem discovered the power of investing in the most important asset (himself). With a combination of traditional education and targeted online based courses he changed his mind set and direction in life.

His breakthrough happened when he pursued a career in Engineering Design, Construction and Commissioning. By working hard and motivating others to succeed he quickly built a high performing team which delivered projects at a rate which was considered impossible by most. Hence quickly raising up the ranks and becoming very valuable to companies and projects. This made him one of the youngest but highest paid in the industry at $2000 per day.

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Learn – Do - Achieve

Alem Velagic

Some of his achievements since making a decision to change his life include:

  • From making a decision to earn more than $80day to 6-Figure income in 2 years
  • 5x the 6-Figure income overnight by becoming worth $2000 day
  • Paid off family member’s mortgage
  • Traveled the world in five-star luxury
  • Built and managed a successful drafting design company by working nights and weekends
  • Built and managed a successful SEO company 2009 – 2011
  • Developed multiple profitable websites and online income streams
  • Mentored 100s people to develop their own online based businesses
What is he up to Now?

Similar to when Alem was starting out he continues to focus on developing multiple streams of income. However now instead of holding down a number of jobs at the same time and working long hours, he chooses a job that he loves that provides him with the flexibility and time to grow/develop his other income earning businesses/ventures.

Currently, Alem continues to work on projects as an Engineering Consultant/Specialist but on his own terms. Being able to choose projects he likes and finds challenging rather than taking any job just to pay the bills has been an amazing experience in his words.

“Being able to interview the manager rather than other way around is priceless. Alem Velagic”

In his spare time, he works on developing processes and strategies to help Engineering Projects & Companies deliver safer, faster and more affordable results. He also spends allot of time in Niche research trying to find the next online goldmine.

Internet has allowed us to access information on any subject within seconds. Not using this to our advantage is pure madness! Alem Velagic

One of his goals was to travel with his wife in five-star luxury. No backpacking or budget flights and accommodation while still able to build and achieve all monetary goals.

Core Values
  • Live your dreams
  • Find your passion and make that into a business
  • Success is not measured by your own/personal achievement but many other people you help to achieve their goals and dreams.
Learn – Do - Achieve

Alem Velagic