If you looking to produce best Instagram hashtags then there are some simple rules you should follow. Don’t be #thatguy. #thatguy doesn’t know how to use hashtags. He uses them too much, makes them too long, and annoys everyone in his audience.

Most social media platforms implemented hashtags after Twitter made us hashtag crazy, so they’re an integral part of your marketing strategy. You can use them in a variety of ways to increase your followers, stay witty, and be #totallyawesome.



Twitter invented the hashtag. You know, the pound sign, or what old folks used to call a number sign? Yeah, that thing.

Hashtags stimulate conversation, and as long as your profile is public, people can find your hashtags.

One hashtag generates engagement, but more than two can indicate foul play or desperation, so keep it short and sweet.



Instagram uses hashtags to create collections of photos, so use it to help users discover your content. Posts with at least one hashtag have more engagement than others, so use the # symbol to see Instagram recommendations for hashtags. I ti s in our interest to find best Instagram hashtags related to our content.

There is no universally accepted number of hashtags for Instagram, so experiment with the number of hashtags per post that works for you. Below is a short video from Kerwin Rae.




Facebook users have public profiles, so hashtags aren’t discoverable. Most public hashtags belong to brands and other influencers.

Discover hashtags and related content by searching for a hashtag in the search bar. This helps you generate hashtags based on what’s trending.



LinkedIn hashtags are relatively new and are still in the experimental stage, but they’re gaining popularity. Social media types used to scoff at user’s’ attempts to use hashtags on LinkedIn, but it’s becoming more mainstream.

Join in the fun by using them to promote a job opening or an article you wrote. Check out what other industry experts are using so you can at least pretend you know what you are doing.



Tumblr automates your hashtags, so all you have to do is start typing at the bottom of your post. Tumblr suggests relevant tags, or you can create your own.

Tags are highly recommended to drive maximum engagement. Use the Explore page to discover tags related to your post.



You can use hashtags on Pinterest, but it’s important to remember that they’re only clickable in the Pin description.

You can’t search for hashtags on Pinterest, which makes it critical that you create hashtags with keyword text so that when users search by keyword, they find your Pins.



The YouTube comments section contains the most prevalent use of hashtags. However, when clicked, these hashtags link back to a page with videos that include that hashtag in the title.

Do a little hashtag recon work to figure out what hashtags are used in the comments of related content, and title your videos appropriately to get the most traffic. You could potentially steal viewers from your competitors if you use popular hashtags from their posts.



Users can sort by hashtags on Kickstarter, so using common hashtags makes you more searchable. Find relevant products and see which hashtags they’re using to generate traffic and investment.



Flickr supports hashtags on iPhone, so when clicking hashtags, the user sees other photos with the same hashtag. On other platforms, the use of Flickr tags works in the same way. Just use the # symbol, and it becomes a hashtag.

Use this to create searchable images and categorize your content.


While other social media sites use hashtags to curate content, Google+ uses them to explore it. When you search for a hashtag on Google+, it returns related hashtags and trending topics along with your original search.

This allows you to take advantage of shared interests. You can also let the platform assign hashtags for you based on your posted content, taking the guesswork out of determining which hashtag is the most popular.

Always do platform-specific research to determine the appropriate hashtag strategy for you. Each platform uses hashtags differently, and they have additional analytical tools useful for you to implement.


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